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You may not know, but we are not just another IT company. We are your trustful partners when it comes to technical problems!

And here are the:

1. You tell us the problem you’re facing

2. We analyze and look for the best solution for you, not only from a technologically but also financially.

3. If our proposal receives your approval, we will start implementing right away!


And that's exactly why we are here... to help you with all the above

  • We want to create beautiful experiences in the IT field without high costs! Because it is possible!
  • This way, you will rest assured that you always have a reliable partner!
  • Our IT engineers are passionate about what they do and are 100% dedicated to their profession! You will find out this too, once you know them!

We just want to ask you

Did your computer break down or your program crash while you were working?

Were you in a time crisis but didn’t know where and how you can get quick help?

Or maybe...

Did you have any questions or concerns about your computer or programs but failed to get a professional point of view?

Did you hesitate or postpone the problems with the computer because you were afraid of the cost?

Then, we

Was it difficult to find availability exactly when you needed it?

Or it was too expensive?

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We are digital lovers and we love to explore! It's our passion!

That's why we are always up to date with IT trends!

Planning is a key step in every business and in every process!

We look for the most suitable solutions taking everything step by step!

Intelligent development is our proposal for you!

We create the best strategies for whole business, from equipment to employees or customers!

Quality is more having a good product or a good service.

We want to create loyalty among our customers not through dedication and professionalism.

Your wish. Our mission.

We believe in hard work and dedication

With over 7 years of experience in IT , we always like to be one step ahead!

The most important thing is to create the best IT experiences and have an excellent partnership!

Quality services are not defined by price but by their sustainability, so that we can have a glass of champagne together for each year of successful partnership!

True partners are the ones you can count on when you need them!

We work hard in all IT fields to:

Eliminate downtime

Increase efficiency in your company!

and show you

a step-by-step roadmap to success!


We believe in creative ideas that lead to success

Growth is an important process in any company! This is our main reason why we support small and large companies in their development process.

We analyze all the opportunities available for your type of business!

The correct and appropriate digitization of your business can be used as an innovation both for you and your employees and for the customers!

We offer audit and specialized IT consulting

We examine your company's IT infrastructure to provide you with simple, efficient and secure IT solutions and complete IT consulting.

Our specialists develop and implement IT solutions that meet all the company's needs without generating unnecessary costs.

Get complete control over your business, your time management and cost control!

We bring digital solutions for your business

If you are reading this, it means that you want to develop your business in a fair and safe way.

We are here to help you! Our specialists will come up with digital solutions for the security of your data and for an uninterrupted activity by technical issues.

This is how you can reduce costs and continue to grow your business

We increase the performance of your IT systems

We know about your busy schedule and that the only way you truly understand the benefits of outsourcing is by trying it in a real environment.

IT equipment is an important investment and its maintenance and use in optimal conditions is vital for business.

That's why we:
1. ensure the optimization you need so that you can benefit from the increased performance of the systems and the extension of their lifespan.
2. take care of training your staff in the correct use of the equipment!

We design everything that is online for your business

We cover everything related to online, so even if you are a small company that has never worked with an IT team, you care rest assure it will be your best decision.

Practice makes perfect! Our team is just what your company needs! It is easier to work with people who love their job!

That's why we:
1. provide you with efficient customer retention strategies and create special programs to maintain a direct contact!
2. give you our full support to keep up with technology and to develop easily but safely by analyzing online trends!

We create 100% responsive and modern web designs

The current trend generated by the pandemic and not only, shows us that the online market is constantly growing! And it is not going to stop there.

Are you thinking of moving your business online and launching a website or do you want to change the existing one?

That's why we:
1. can make your new website responsive across the devices because, it is your business card!
2. can update the existing website properly, with all the features you need! It has never been that simple!

We create and promote your online presence

Let's bring your website in front of those who are looking for the products and services offered by you!

We have prepared various promotion tools and strategies with real objectives for you to reach the most valuable customers!

Our marketing specialists are always up to date with all the changes in the field and help you keep up with technology.


We reduce costs and downtime for your IT services

According to your business, we have prepared special services to offer the security of quality services.

Get rid of IT problems and ensure continuity in what you do without being interrupted.

We offer maintenance of hardware and software equipment and other IT services with dedicated technicians!

Let's be your partners you can rely on anytime!
We are here to help!

Mobile: 0730.178.723

Phone: 021.655.47.94

E-mail: office@itmm.ro